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By Mehdi Zabihi and Nafise Ghadiry


By Reza Tangestani, Hooman Shirzadi, and Saman Hoseini


By Alireza Ahmadi


By Peyman Havaej


By Amin Ganjabi

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Welcome to Hyperlyceum.

We are expertise in the area of mechanical engineering majoring in Biomechanics and Additive manufacturing, and etc.  We started working on this idea at the University of Waterloo, expanded it to the University of Victoria, and are continuing to work on spreading the word so that more Colleges and Universities across Canada can be involved.  We built this website to provide an opportunity for international students and tutors to meet each other and our desire is to expand the resources offered on this website to include many different subject areas and languages.  Our vision for this website is to become full of resources designed to help both students and companies gain what they need.

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